2013 Malibu

UAW Local 31

General Motors
Fairfax Plant

Proudly Assembling the Chevy Malibu
and the Buick LaCrosse

2013 LaCrosse


10:30 pm Sunday thru
10:30 pm Friday night.

1st Craig Dumortier
(913) 573-7421

1st Cheryl Millican
(913) 573-7422

2nd Bobbie Dunnell

2nd Sandy Martinez
3rd Shawana Woods
(913) 573-7480

Norma Raya

Leeds/Delphi Retirees
Bob Fiscus
(816) 455-0200


Benefits News


If you are selecting a new health care plan for 2014, contact the UAW Trust Eligibility Center – Retiree Health Care Connect (RHCC) between now and November 26, for your plan to be effective January 1, 2015.  More detail about specific benefits can be found on the Trust website at www.uawtrust.org or by contacting RHCC at 866-637-7555.

The UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust is pleased to offer its members health care that delivers comprehensive coverage, access and value.  Each year, the level of benefits is evaluated to keep our available assets aligned with long-term liabilities.  Since our launch, we have modified the benefits to focus on promoting access, prevention, and high quality care.
For 2015 there are additional enhancements that emphasize wellness and prevention.  Effective 1-1-2015:
*Comprehensive Dental and Vision Coverage for you and eligible dependents

Members will receive Welcome Kits from the carriers with full details on the coverage.  MEMBERS WITH COBRA COVERAGE:  The decision to retain COBRA coverage is completely up to you.  COBRA will continue automatically while you are eligible unless you dis-enroll.  If you do decide to dis-enroll, GM retirees call 800-489-4646.  COBRA and Trust coverage are comparable.  If you decide to keep your vision and/or dental COBRA coverage by continuing to pay the monthly premium, COBRA will be primary.  Remember, if you drop COBRA coverage, you cannot re-enroll. 

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the vision and dental coverage, visit www.uawtrust.org.

Vision Benefits will be provided by the Trust at no additional cost to you and will be administered by Davis Vision.  An annual routine vision exam will be covered in full for in-network providers.  Out-of-network coverage varies.  You may contact Davis Vision for more information at 888-234-5164 or www.davisvision.com and enter client control code 3642.

Dental Benefits will be available at no additional cost and will be administered by Delta Dental.  Routine exams cleanings and flouride treatments will be covered twice per year at 100% by either PPO, Premier or non-participating dentists.  You may contact Delta Dental at 800-524-0149 or deltadentalmi.com for more information.

Other Benefits:
*Primary care office visits increased from four (4) to (6) for non-     Medicare members in the TCN plan
*Enhanced Urgent Care coverage
*Urgent Care Facility fees covered under all plans
*Retail clinics covered as an approved site for Urgent Care.

For Diabetic Supplies call the phone number on the back of your medical card to find the place nearest you.  Needles and syringes must be ordered together from Express Scripts.  Both Durable Medical Equipment and Express Scripts must have a prescription from your physician.


Remember to keep all of your bills from your provider (and Medicare) in order to avoid any problems with insurance payments.  If you do encounter a problem, call our office as soon as possible so that we can help you get it worked out.

The national parties have met and agreed to extend the eligibility for the $10,000 lump sum cash payment to otherwise eligible employees who retire on and after October 1, 2013 through and including January 1, 2015.  Thereafter, this agreement will terminate and employees who choose to retire after January 1, 2015 will not be eligible to receive this lump sum cash payment.

10:30 pm Sun. – 10:30 pm Fri.

(913) 573-7421-7422
Or leave a message
(913) 573-3004
1st Shift:
Cheryl Millican
Craig Dumortier
2nd Shift:
Bobbie Dunnell
Sandy Martinez
3rd Shift
(913) 573-7480
Shawana Woods
Norma Raya
Leeds/Delphi Retirees
Bob Fiscus
(816) 455-0200