2013 Malibu

UAW Local 31

General Motors
Fairfax Plant

Proudly Assembling the Chevy Malibu
and the Buick LaCrosse

2013 LaCrosse


10:30 pm Sunday thru
10:30 pm Friday night.

1st Craig Dumortier
(913) 573-7421

1st Cheryl Millican
(913) 573-7422

2nd Bobbie Dunnell

2nd Sandy Martinez
3rd Shawana Woods
(913) 573-7480

Norma Raya

Leeds/Delphi Retirees
Bob Fiscus
(816) 455-0200


Benefits News

Local 31 Benefit Office:

FOR GM FLEX AND ENTRY EMPLOYEES:  When you reach your 91st day of seniority and are eligible for health insurance, be sure and call Fidelity (1-800-489-4646) to check if you are actively covered. Also check on any dependents that you had under your coverage.  Entry Level employees can check your Bank of America debit card by calling the number on the back of the card.  Flex employees are not entitled.

Dental and Vision Announcement-GM
In 2012, the Trust added preventive dental and vision benefits for GM members.  Effective January 1, 2015, the Trust is pleased to announce that the coverage will be enhanced to comprehensive dental and vision benefits for GM members.  The dental benefit will be administered through Delta Dental and the vision through Davis Vision.  Eligible members should have received a letter with this announcement in late May.  More information will be provided in the 2015 highlights.  In states where same-sex marriage is legal, members are not required to get married in order to continue Trust coverage.  However, a member cannot add a domestic partner to coverage after retirement.  Members can add a spouse to coverage after retirement. 

Prescription Drug Large Print Instructions can be ordered by selecting the box that states “Check here for a copy of your bottle label in LARGE print on a separate sheet of paper.”  Express Scripts will mark the account for this to occur on all future orders.  Contact Express Scripts by calling 866-662-0274.

Questions and Answers regarding Benefits Payments via GM Payroll:
How often are layoff benefits processed and paid?

Layoff benefits are processed weekly by GM Benefits and Services Center

Sub applications are processed on Thursday night and transmitted to GM Payroll on Friday.  Benefits will generally be paid on the following, seven days after transmitted to payroll.

How can I tell if my SUBenefits application has been processed?
Contact the SUBenefit office at 1-800-489-4646.  Follow prompts to layoff benefits.  Select option #2 to hear pending and processed applications.  This information is also available on layoffbenefits.com

How will my SUBenefits be paid?
GM Payroll will issue all SUB payments in the same manner as normal wages.  Individuals who have authorized an electronic funds transfer (also referred to as direct deposit) All SUB pay questions should be directed to GM Payroll 816-245-5957.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding my SUBenefits?
Call 1-800-489-4646 for questions regarding Gross benefit amounts, Eligibility, Rejected applications, Overpayment and recoveries
Call 1-866-245-5957 for questions regarding EFT, Pay Card,

Deductions and Tax withholding.
(913) 573-7421 or 573-7422

Message: (913) 573-3004


Dental (Delta Dental)

Mental health and Substance Abuse Care – (Value Options) 1-800-235-2302

Vision (Davis Vision)

HEARING (Active Hourly) 1-866-614-7874
GM Benefit & Serv. Center for membership updates

Prescription Drugs –
Express Scripts

Physical Therapy (TheraMatrix)

10:30 pm Sun. – 10:30 pm Fri.
(913) 573-7421-7422
Or leave a message
(913) 573-3004
1st Shift:
Cheryl Millican
Craig Dumortier
2nd Shift:
Bobbie Dunnell
Sandy Martinez
3rd Shift
(913) 573-7480
Shawana Woods
Norma Raya
Leeds/Delphi Retirees
Bob Fiscus
(816) 455-0200