2013 Malibu

UAW Local 31

General Motors
Fairfax Plant

Proudly Assembling the Chevy Malibu
and the Buick LaCrosse

2013 LaCrosse


10:30 pm Sunday thru
10:30 pm Friday night.

1st Craig Dumortier
(913) 573-7421

1st Cheryl Millican
(913) 573-7422

2nd Bobbie Dunnell

2nd Sandy Martinez
3rd Shawana Woods
(913) 573-7480

Norma Raya

Leeds/Delphi Retirees
Bob Fiscus
(816) 455-0200


Benefits News


Effective January 1, 2015 the UAW – GM Trust  will provide new coverage for UAW – GM Retirees.  You will be mailed a summary of the Delta Dental Benefit Plan in addition to information about the plan and the Customer Service contact information will be provided and there will be instructions on how to find participating providers.  There will be no additional cost for this dental plan coverage.  Delta Dental has coverage under this benefit for in network, extended network and out of network providers with varying percentages of coverage.  You can call Delta Dental to find an in-network provider in your area.  If you have no other options for participating providers in the network, your benefits will still be covered but may be at a reduced benefit level. 

Vision benefits will also be provided effective January 1, 2015 thru Davis Vision.  The vision coverage will provide assistance toward the cost of routine eye exams, lenses and frames through a national network of participating ophthalmologists, optometrists and optical facilities.  In-Network Reference - *One vision exam every 12 months *One pair of lenses and frames or contact lenses in any period of 24 months – fashion collection frames (available at most independent provider offices) and conventional single vision, bifocal, trifocal and lenticular lenses (up to $40 toward the cost of doctor supplied frames) or up to $75 toward the cost of elective contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. 

Applicable warranty for lenses and frames. There will be no additional cost for vision plan coverage.

For more information, you may log onto the uawtrust.org
website and find more information.



The Benefits Office handles SUB issues ONLY!!  For Unemployment issues, contact the state unemployment office in the state that you applied for Unemployment Compensation (UC) benefits or the plant Labor Relations Office (913) 573-3035. 

The Auto SUB Program is an automated procedure in which the GM Benefits and Services Center receives State UC benefit information electronically from the State.  The UC information is used to calculate the payment of a regular SUBenefit for each full week of layoff.  When the AutoSUB procedures apply, your application for a state UC Benefit will constitute submitting an application (and supporting information) for regular SUBenefits and generally you will not need to use the VRU or Web site to apply. 

Layoff benefit checks are processed weekly, generally on Thursday nights.  Gross benefit amounts are transmitted to payroll weekly, generally on Fridays.  Payroll generates SUB payments the following week. 

The purpose of the SUB plan is to supplement state UC benefits while you are on layoff.  If you have at least one year of seniority as of your last day worked, your SUBenefit is equal to 74% of your base hourly rate as of your last day worked.  Your SUBenefit is also offset by state Unemployment Compensation (UC) benefits and other compensation received for the specified week.


Pay rate on last day worked
X 40 hrs in a week 
X 74% of gross wages
Less max UC  
Gross SUB paid


The above is an example only and should not be construed as a commitment to pay benefits.  Actual benefits will be calculated based upon each employee’s monetary amount.

If you have not received your SUB Check, contact the hourly payroll number at 1-866-246-5957. 


10:30 pm Sun. – 10:30 pm Fri.

(913) 573-7421-7422
Or leave a message
(913) 573-3004
1st Shift:
Cheryl Millican
Craig Dumortier
2nd Shift:
Bobbie Dunnell
Sandy Martinez
3rd Shift
(913) 573-7480
Shawana Woods
Norma Raya
Leeds/Delphi Retirees
Bob Fiscus
(816) 455-0200