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1st Craig Dumortier
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1st Cheryl Millican
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2nd Bobbie Dunnell

2nd Sandy Martinez
3rd Shawana Woods
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Norma Raya

Leeds/Delphi Retirees
Bob Fiscus
(816) 455-0200


Benefits News


If your health care coverage was shut off while on layoff, what should you do?  Your coverage will be reinstated once GM puts you back on active roll.  To verify that it has been turned on and that your dependents were also reinstated, please call Fidelity at 1-800-489-4646.

If you are getting your health care coverage for the first time you must contact Fidelity (1-800-489-4646) to add any dependents that you have.  Dental and vision coverage is still not available for the first 3 and 5 years.

Metlife is the carrier for Life Insurance.  Remember, GM pays for your basic life insurance.  You should call 1-888-543-3461 to have them mail you a form to name your beneficiary or you may do it online at  You may name anyone you wish as your beneficiary or beneficiaries.  You may even leave an ex-spouse if you choose to do so.
You should also remember to name a beneficiary for your Fidelity investments.  Call 1-800-489-4646 and they will send you the proper forms to submit.

Remember, if you have any kind of outpatient physical therapy you must have prior approval thru TheraMatrix – 1-888-638-8786.  This call must be made even if the place of choice or your referral states that they take your insurance IT MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY THERAMATRIX!!


Entry Level Employees:  If you have any questions regarding your FSA, please contact Bank of America at 1-866-567-3993 for Health Care FSA claims and inquiries or Acclaris:  1-866-203-9358 for dependent care FSA claims & inquiries.

If you are going on sick leave and are not sure of the procedure you need to follow, please get in contact with one of the benefit reps.  If you need to apply for FMLA papers you need to call 1-800-489-4646. 

Remember that “Clinics” are not a covered benefit!  Urgent Care Centers are covered but be careful of “after hours” fees.  These can be charged at any time of the day!

The “ON TARGET” program classes have been rescheduled. 

The classes will be announced in the near future.  These classes are very educational and are also extremely important for our entry level people as well.  Please try to attend.  Sign-up forms for the classes will be at both entrances.  Please indicate the class time that you want to attend.  These should then be turned into the benefit office.  Location of the classes will be announced on posters at the doors and throughout the plant.  Any questions you have may be directed to one of the benefit reps.  You may also schedule one-on-one sessions with a Fidelity rep that is also held in the plant.  Doug Bias, Jr. is the JTR contact person at 913-753-3236.  This can also be done on-line at (once the “On Target” classes are announced.)  If you have already scheduled a one-on-one those are being held in the Safety Conference Room.  If you are unable to keep one that you have scheduled, please let Fidelity know ahead of time if possible.

Pre/Post retirement classes will begin again in the July/August timeframe.



The UAW Retiree Medical Benefit Trust has announced two efforts to improve access to Urgent Care facilities.   Since January 1, 2015, retail clinics will be covered as an approved site for urgent care services and any urgent care facility fees will be covered under the $50 copay ($25 copay for Medicare Advantage plan members).

Retail clinics will be an approved site of care for URGENT services and treatment.  Retail clinics are usually open seven days a week and located mostly in grocery and pharmacy store chains.  Staffed by clinicians and set up to diagnose and treat Urgent Care conditions such as bladder infections, strep throat and minor wounds or abrasions, these clinics provide prompt Urgent Care services on a walk-in basis, usually after hours when your primary care physician is not available.  Please note that the retail health clinic networks are limited and evolving in various areas.  Coverage is available for in-network clinics only.  Contact your health plan for in-network clinic availability in your area.

Urgent Care Facility Fees Covered Under All Plans – for members who use an urgent care facility that charges facility fees, beginning January 1, 2015, urgent care facility fees will be covered.

NON-MEDICARE MEMBERS – The Trust has added two additional primary care office visits for non-Medicare members enrolled in the Traditional Care Network Plan at a $25.00 copay per visit.  Members now have a total of six annual primary care visits covered under the plan.  Coverage must be obtained from an in-network provider.  Primary care providers include family practitioners, internists, ob-gyn and nurse practitioners.  Specialists are not covered under this plan.

Regular health exams and tests can help find problems before they start.  They also can help find problems early, when your chances for treatment and cure are better.  By getting the right health services, screenings and treatments you are taking steps that help your chances for living a longer, healthier life.  These additional covered office visits are an opportunity for you and your doctor to have an open dialogue about your health status, treatment options and to answer any questions you might have.          

Learn more about your Health Care Trust on the Web – go to for information about the Trust and specific information about member benefits.  You can browse the site to get information about prescription drug benefits, eligibility, Medicare, wellness and prevention topics and more.  The Trust has posted a video version of the 2015 benefit changes to help members better understand changes in their benefits for the coming year.  Additionally, an in-depth video explains the history of the Trust, including how it was formed, how the fund works and what it means to your future benefits.  You may also download the Benefit Highlights, Summary Plan Description, Schedule of Benefits, Plan Document and other communications from the Trust.

Contact the Retiree Health Care Connect by phone at 866-637-7555.

10:30 pm Sun. – 10:30 pm Fri.

(913) 573-7421 or 7422
Or leave a message
(913) 573-3004
1st Shift:
Cheryl Millican
Craig Dumortier
2nd Shift:
Bobbie Dunnell
Sandy Martinez
3rd Shift
(913) 573-7480
Shawana Woods
Norma Raya
Leeds/Delphi Retirees
Bob Fiscus
(816) 455-0200